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St. Gabriel Building Project

St Gabriel Convent

Dear Friends and Benefactors!

There are great and exciting news about our building project. On the Feast day of the Presentation of our Lady the State Architect of Ohio granted us a partial building permit. With that we can go ahead with the building of the Sister's convent. In the pictures you see the convent of the Sisters, which comprises stage one of the proposed monastery complex. The plan was completed by the SASI architectural firm located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The building itself is divided into several sections. The public area with the chapel is at the entrance, the rooms for community functions are grouped together in another section, the cloistered bedrooms are tucked away towards the back of the building on the northern side and all the work rooms are in the walk out basement, which gives us also needed storage space. Partitioning the convent in this way will guard the atmosphere of prayer for the Sisters, with less traffic through their work areas and more silence in the cloistered area. It is a modest beginning, limited to the space we really need at present, but allows for the possibility of expanding as vocations increase.

As we have already the building permit for the foundations, we can start right away to prepare the ground for the poring of the foundations and the erection of the walls. The excavator is ready to go by end of November. You can see the progress of the building through a webcam which streams live what's going on at the building site.

With this new plan, we also will be able to install the septic systems right away, not only for the Sisters' convent, but also for the Brothers' monastery! Everyone who has been involved in a construction project knows how difficult and essential this element is for the whole building project. God-willing, if all goes well we expect to be able to complete the convent by early 2018.

Two water wells on the property were also drilled so that they can now supply drinking water. One of the wells will provide water for the Sisters' convent, the other for the Brothers' monastery.

Our original budget for the convent was $2,000,000. Thanks be to God, we have be able to maintain this project cap with good cooperation from the architects and the construction manager. Hopefully no great surprises will arise, as work goes forward. Although the funds are sufficient for a good beginning of the convent, we ask your continued support to carry it through to the end. Currently, we have slightly more than two-thirds of what we need, that is, $1,250,000 USD, which means we still need some $750,000 USD. We are still praying for generous donors like yourself who want to be a part of this great work for the glory of God and the building up of His Church, with and through the Holy Angels. May God bless and reward you for all your support, and please be assured that you, your family and your intentions are prayed for daily in our (interim) Adoration chapel!

May God bless you for your generosity, and bestow upon you the grace of a peaceful, joyful Christmas Season.


Fr. Ludwig Maria Oppl, ORC
Superior Delegatus and Rector